elimination diet chicken recipes

Elimination Diet Chicken Recipes

Chicken is the base for many elimination diets. Chicken, rice, and a few other ingredients are all you’re allowed to have in the first few weeks of a restrictive diet aimed at discovering food allergies or sensitivities. These flavorful elimination diet chicken recipes will add some variety to the menu without introducing any gluten, corn, soy, nuts, legumes, nightshades, citrus, eggs, or dairy.

Every recipe on this list is free from all of those listed ingredients! And I promise you, they all still taste really good and are as filling as you could want. You should not have to deal with hunger on top of cravings. Stay full and your diet will be a lot easier to stick to.

Enjoy these recipes for all phases of your elimination diet and share them with your friends and family you could benefit as well! These recipes are displayed in no particular order.

easy chicken broth
easy chicken broth

Easy Chicken Broth

We’re going to start the elimination diet chicken recipes withh the most basic of staples. Having a nightshade, corn, and soy free broth available for your recipes is a must have. This very easy chicken broth comes together with nothing more than chicken scraps and salt.

Add flavor to all of your soups, rice, and sauces by using this broth. It’s easy to make and can be frozen so you’ll never have to worry about running out.

shredded chicken

Easy, Versatile Shredded Chicken

Another staple for any elimination diet is an easy shredded chicken recipe. I use a crock pot in order to bring a different texture to chicken breasts so that you don’t have to only eat pan fried or baked.

Shredded chicken goes great on salads, lettuce wraps, tossed with a condiment, and in soups or stews. It’s so versatile and will definitely keep you from getting bored.

thai inspired curry
indian inspired “curry”

Indian Inspired Slow Cooker Chicken Curry

Another slow cooker elimination diet chicken recipe is this Indian inspired “curry.” It’s pretty difficult to make a curry with no nightshades but tons of fresh ginger goes a long way in creating heat. Turmeric also has a strong flavor and color that will give you powerful curry feelings.

I like to use Indian basmati rice for this dish. Make sure to keep a bunch of different rices around to further mix up your textures and keep your elimination diet from feeling stale.

creamy broccoli chicken casserole
creamy broccoli chicken casserole

Creamy Chicken and Broccoli Casserole

Yes! You can have a hearty home style casserole on your elimination diet! I love this recipe and have continued making it long after my elimination diet was over. I took some tricks from vegan cooking to make a cheesey feeling casserole without using any dairy.

This casserole is completely family friendly and will even keep the kids satisfied. You don’t have to eat all alone on your diet, sit down to a full family meal with this delicious dish.

Baked chicken teriyaki
Baked chicken teriyaki

Baked Teriyaki Chicken with Pineapple Rice

There is no end to the way that you can make chicken and rice. It will likely be the foundation of your elimination diet so get friendly with these elimination diet chicken recipes. This version uses chicken thighs and lots of pineapple to creat a sweet and salty teriyaki that will keep you from wanting to visit a restaraunt.

I like to bake the chicken thighs in the sauce to keep them super moist and full of flavor. Pineapple is also a punch of flavor that you can get for super cheap all year round. Just pick up a can or three and enjoy when cooking or as a snack.

chimichurri chicken rice bowl
chimichurri chicken rice bowl

Chimichurri Chicken Rice Bowl

Rice bowls are perfect for on the go or any kind of leftovers. They travel well to work or school for your lunch and they are easily frozen for a quick meal later on. It’s important to have a stock of meals while you’re on a restrictive diet. You don’t want to break your diet just because you didn’t feel like cooking one night!

Chimichurri is simply made with fresh parsley and cilantro. Herbs are a safe bet for flavor without adding trigger ingredients or even many calories!

slow cooker moroccon chicken
slow cooker moroccon chicken

Slow Cooker Moroccon Chicken

Pick any culture and you can make a chicken and rice bowl that fits the flavor profile. This elimination diet chicken recipe stands out by using olives and raisins to create a totally different flavor from the other bowls. I love the briney flavor of olives next to the pop of sweet of the raisins.

Many of these recipes use a slow cooker. You can easily modify them if you have a pressure cooker instead. You could also use a dutch oven if you’re more traditionally inclined.

chicken and fruit quinoa salad
chicken and fruit quinoa salad

Chicken and Fruit Quinoa Salad

Not sure if other people think the same but I prefer my quinoa served cold. I really like making various quinoa salads that make for a great and filling lunch. Quinoa is loaded with proten and fiber and pairs well with all sorts of dressings and fixins. This salad uses pan seared chicken breast and fresh apples to make a lively lunch.

Here’s a secret, you can prepare quinoa in a rice cooker! I cannot recommend investing in a rice cooker enough. It will take so much effort out of your elimination diet. Just rinse the quinoa and leave it to cook quickly and perfectly every time.

irish slow cooker chicken stew
irish slow cooker chicken stew

Irish Slow Cooker Chicken Stew

This slow cooker stew takes Irish flavors but replaces the nightshade trigger of white potatoes with delicious and low calorie apples. I like to serve it with rice to keep it filling as a single bowl dish.

The key to seasoning this stew is to use caraway seeds. That is the trick to keeping this dish from blending in to all of the other chicken and rice slow cooker dishes on this list of elimination diet chicken recipes. Just one simple ingredient can really add diversity to your menus.

asian style noodles soup
asian style noodle soup

Asian Style Noodle Soup

Yes, this is another way to prepare chicken and rice. But here’s the kicker, rice noodles made from 100% rice are completely allowed on your elimination diet. Rice noodles will feel like a completely different dish due to their texture and they taste awesome paired with this asian style soup.

Dark chicken meat and lots of mushrooms give this soup a powerful umami. It’s so delicious and so low calorie that you’ll want to use the biggest bowl you can find.

sweet and savory chicken stir fry
sweet and savory chicken stir fry

Sweet and Savory Chicken Stir Fry

Stir fries are my go to meal for any diet. They are super simple to throw together when you have no other plans and just have random veggies leftover. This stir fry recipe takes away a bit of that chaos and demonstrates how to make a delicious sauce without any soy, nightshades, corn, or any other problem ingredients.

Elimination diet chicken recipes would just not be complete without a stir fry. Mix it up by using different cuts of chicken, different sauces, and different styles of rice.

cinnamon apple chicken skillet
cinnamon apple chicken skillet

Cinnamon Apple Chicken Skillet

This recipe sounds unusual but I assure you it’s delicious. Cinnamon is one of the best kept secrets when it comes to cooking chicken. It goes surprisingly well together and you should really give it a shot.

This recipe also uses a ton of bacon to bring home the salt and fat content. This balances out the cinnamon and apples well and keeps this dish from tipping from savory to sweet. Don’t be afraid of some fat in your diet! This meal plan is restrictive enough already!

turmeric chicken and veggies soup
turmeric chicken and veggies soup

Turmeric Chicken and Veggies Soup

You can’t go wrong with a good soup. I love how easy soups are to make, store, and take to work. They’re also loaded with vegetables and fiber to keep you satisfied. This one is also packed with kale which I have taken quite a liking to recently. It holds up well in a soup and doesn’t lose its integrity the way that spinach does.

Turmeric is also a great booster to your elimination diet. It has a different flavor than many seasonings, adds a great burst of color, and has demonstrated immune boosting properties when eaten with black pepper.

spaghetti squash and garlic chicken skillet
spaghetti squash and garlic chicken skillet

Spaghetti Squash and Garlic Chicken Skillet

Garlic is an easy answer when you’re looking for a lot of flavor. Feel free to adjust the garlic level to your prefered taste. Some people may want more, others less. But the main key to this skillet dish is to keep the chicken breasts juicy. This means it’s best to pan fry the breasts whole and cut them right before serving. If you cook it as slices it can cook way too quickly.

Spaghetti squash is always a fun addition to a meal because it has a noodle like texture without any of the gluten. It also tastes nice and buttery without the dairy!

olive chicken quinoa salad
olive chicken and quinoa salad

Olive and Chicken Quinoa Salad

And now a final quinoa salad. Elimination diet chicken recipes may look similar but you can flavor them in so many different ways it’d be impossible to get bored! Olives and pickled red onions bring a punch of flavor to this salad. You’ll be wanting to return to this recipe long after your diet is over.

Thank you so much for checking out these elimination diet chicken recipes. I hope they help you through your restrictive diet. Please share this list with anyone who needs a new way to prepare chicken!

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